Our Gender Reveal

We found out pretty early on what we were having through blood work when we received a phone call from our OB’s Physician Assistant, which happens to be Grammy Tina, but it certainly didn’t take away from any of the fun in announcing to the rest of the family! Grammy Tina did a GREAT job at keeping the secret so long 🙂

So on the weekend of September 29th, we went out to Cynthia’s Dads vacation home in Lake Havasu, Arizona, with Matt’s Mom, Jackie, joining us, we “attempted” to announce our exciting news with a BANG! Things didn’t go quite as planned but we sure had a lot of fun shooting at the “Boom Box” target! Devin went first and got very close a few times, Grandpa Kevin went 2nd and nicked the box (and the bag of chalk a little) a few times, and then Matt gave it a shot and was hitting the bulls-eye! We realized soon that something was not quite right because they were clearly hitting the target, but yet, there had been no explosion of pink or blue!

Somewhere between the three generations, the canister containing the explosive pellets fell out of the “boom box” and scattered down the berm, leaving the pink or blue chalk inside almost fully in tact. Without skipping a beat and without any loss of drama or excitement, Matt hiked up the hill and ripped open the bag of chalk, covering him in BLUE and announcing that we will be having a bouncing baby boy!

We certainly felt the absence of Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Aunts, Uncles and Great Grandparents but we tried to keep everyone in the loop, sending lots of pictures as the drama unfolded. Here are some highlights, Enjoy!

Announcing with a BOOM!
Devin has no idea!
Grammy Tina and Grandma Jackie
Grammy & Pops Moon
Soon to be Big Bro went first!
Pops Moon was up next and definitely took a piece out of the Boom Box (If you look closely you can see a little blue, but everyone did a great job of pretending like we didnt see! HAHA)
Matt was clearly hitting the target but at this point we realized something wasn’t quite right with out “Boom Box” mechanism.
Its… A…. BOY!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!
We are having a SMURF! We are so excited to go on this pregnancy journey together and bring this very special little man into the world!
This little guy has already made his mark! We love him so much already!!