Bumpin’ Adventures

Here are some pictures of our families pregnancy journey, ultrasounds, fun things we’ve done, Cynthia’s growing bump and all the bump love we have from family!

August 17, 2018: Our first ultrasound! You can’t see much but we sure heard the most beautiful sound when we heard his heartbeat!
October 10, 2018: Visited my awesome and pregnant sister Nichole in Pheonix and we had a blast eating our way through the town! Giordanos is an all time favorite of ours! Absolutely Delicious and it turned out to be the best pregnant sister trip ever! She helped me gracefully eat my way into the Second Trimester! Love you Nichole!
October 29, 2018: Taking Devin with us to see his baby brother! Everything looks good and we are so grateful to have such an amazing resource in Grammy Tina through this pregnancy!
Halloween 2018! This Preggosaurus Rex loved handing out candy to the super cute kids in our neighborhood! Definitely going to miss our little community in Upland but excited to be moving to the new house and starting such a cool new chapter of our lives!
November 3, 2018: Baby Shower for Nichole, Erik & Baby Jackson! We had a blast at the shower, loved seeing all the family and I thoroughly enjoyed baking cupcakes for the shower!
November 18, 2018: Can’t believe we are half way through this journey! Its been a wonderful 2nd trimester thus far, lots of packing and preparations for the move. Matt and Grandpa John have been working hard at the new house to get the water heater out of the laundry room and we all cannot wait to move into the new house!
November 22, 2018: Happy Thanksgiving! Finally get to show Auntie Britt-Britt how big my bump is getting! Bump brought to you by Baby Boy Stamp and lots of amazing food!
December 8, 2018: Really feeling the baby kick these days! We are moved into the new house and getting settled in. Sitting by the fire every night and enjoying our precious time together will be memories we never forget.
December 24, 2018: MERRY CHRISTMAS! What a wonderful Christmas this year! We were able to celebrate in our new home, we welcomed our first nephew Baby Jackson into to world, we were able to see all our families, and our hearts are filled with gratitude as we continue progress through this journey!
December 31, 2018 (Week 26): On the eve of this new year are filled with gratitude, hope, love and joy as we look forward to the adventures that 2019 will be bringing!